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Working with XML in AS2 is to say the least, one of the dumbest and most redundant things in the world to me. Because of this, I use Flash Remoting. It just makes more sense. So when I moved on to Flex, even though XML is native in AS3, I still went with remoting. Mike Potter from Adobe had a basic tutorial on getting started with Remoting in Flex…for it is a little differnent from Flash. And those differences can really throw you, and leave yourself cursing at your own stupidity.

Here was my issue: Everything was going fine with my development, and I was falling even more in love with Flex and then all of a sudden, variables were not getting passed when I started debugging. Huh? So to make a long story short, the syntax for passing variables in Flex is a little different from the the standard/basic AMFPHP structure:

Rather than something like this:

public function getAllPages(){
	gateway = new RemotingConnection("http://localhost/flashservices/gateway.php"); "SitePages.getAllPages(php_variable)", new Responder(handleGetAllPages, onFault));

Notice the placement of the variable “php_variable” above.

You do something like this:

public function getAllPages(){
	gateway = new RemotingConnection("http://localhost/flashservices/gateway.php");"SitePages.getAllPages", new Responder(handleGetAllPages, onFault), php_variable);

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date: November 8th, 2006

Good tip. The PHP RIA SDK by Adobe has examples that may help you out: and then click on the download link.


spoken by: Mike Potter

date: November 15th, 2006

Thanks for the info! The SDK has a lot of potential and will prove to be very usefull. It seems like you have a nice community started.

spoken by: tom

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