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Why Apple will take over the world


There has been some controversy over the new Intel Macs as they first hit consumer hands, as seen here. Rogue elements in Apple have been speaking out about it. But in the end, I really think Apple has taken the criticism to heart.When I first ordered my MacBook Pro, I was a bit apprehensive because of Apple’s recent glitches. I have to say, I am nothing but happy with the performance of it. But alas, to my dismay, about two weeks later Apple releases the new MBP.Now here was my complaint:

  1. If I would have known Apple was doing this, I would have waited the extra couple of weeks.
  2. The options I paid over $300 were now standard.
  3. I was only a couple days beyond my 14 day return period.

After talking to one supervisor, they offered me a $100 credit. This wasn’t acceptable to me. I was out $300. So I talked to another supervisor, stated my situation, he told me he would call me back. After the much anticipated call back, he offered me a $150 credit and an Apple Store Accessory. I still felt like I was getting the shaft.

So in the end, Apple offered to accept my return with a full refund. Now I can go buy the new MBP with all the fixings!

Would you ever get that from Dell? I don’t think so.

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date: March 14th, 2008

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