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We’re in the Top 20


We found out today that a tech blogger recently reviewed 1,088 websites of publicly traded companies in the technology sector. Initially his review process was broken into three sections (A-G, H-O, P-Z), and 45 sites were selected in each section. The sites were filtered on aesthetics and function.

Upon completion of the process mentioned at the outset, the top 20 sites of the 1,088 were selected.

All of us at Vovéo, especially those deeply involved in producing, feel honored to have our work ranked among the ‘best of the web’.

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Furthermore, despite the amount of objectives we had to accomplish on the Safegaurd site (also known as: we had a lot to fit on that homepage), we were able to keep the site clean, simple, and visually pleasing.

Jul 24 2007

The Futures is Here


Microsoft has released ASP.NET Futures. Although I loathe Microsoft as much as drinking warm milk on a hot day, I am quite pleased. Microsoft now gives us full access to WPF/WCF, great new AJAX functionality, and you know that web.sitemap file…well now you can provide it to Google or any other sitemap service without writing a single line of code.

There are some nice quick starts on the MS site. So what are you waiting for, go download Futures now!

Jul 14 2007



Have you ever wondered if the new parts or new car you just are genuine? Or maybe that new golf driver you just bought off ebay? One of our recent sites we just completed addresses these exact problems. The technology presented to solve counterfieting on demand is actually really cool. For instance, I wonder every so often if the carbon fibre hood (which I did not purchase direct from the manufacturer) I have on my car is actually a real Seibon hood. After all, the automotive industry had a huge market for replica goods. The anti-counterfeiting solution presented on this site would put my mind at ease…especially considering the cost I incurred.

On the technical aspect, the site was built on .NET 2.0, using our proprietary CMS. We ended up using a significant amount of sIFR along with some useful flash widgets. Adobe After Effects was used to create the animations on the home page.


Jul 14 2007