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Have you ever wondered if the new parts or new car you just are genuine? Or maybe that new golf driver you just bought off ebay? One of our recent sites we just completed addresses these exact problems. The technology presented to solve counterfieting on demand is actually really cool. For instance, I wonder every so often if the carbon fibre hood (which I did not purchase direct from the manufacturer) I have on my car is actually a real Seibon hood. After all, the automotive industry had a huge market for replica goods. The anti-counterfeiting solution presented on this site would put my mind at ease…especially considering the cost I incurred.

On the technical aspect, the site was built on .NET 2.0, using our proprietary CMS. We ended up using a significant amount of sIFR along with some useful flash widgets. Adobe After Effects was used to create the animations on the home page.


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date: January 5th, 2011

The gps gets signals from satellites orbiting the earth. And the accuracy depends on the model of the gps and the quality/amount of signal its receiving. The car ones with a good signal should be accurate within 3 to 5 feet. With a poor signal it could be 20 feet.

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