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Windows 7 RC x64 Boot Camp Install on a MacBook Pro


So I jumped on the bandwagon Friday night and installed the recently released RC (build 7100) of Windows 7 from MSDN.  Having missed the initial rush, I was hitting download speeds of around 1.5 mb/s on my 15 mb down FIOS connection.  After I had the ISO, I figured I would avoid the nightmere of deleting and repartitioning Boot Camp and try a boot right from my newly burned Windows 7 DVD and reformat from the installer.  In hindsight, it seems that Mac OS X does not recognize that there is a Windows volume as a startup disk now – only Mac OS is dispalyed in Sysytem Preferences > Startup Disk.

Based on my previous experiences with Vista x64 installs on my MacBook Pro, I went to a very useful post I had bookmarked on getting the ISO to be bootable (after some digging, this other post outlines basically the same thing).  And sure enough, it was even updated for Windows 7.  If you do this right off the bat, you won’t see the “Select CD-ROM boot type” with no way to make a selection.

I reformatted my NTFS drive for a clean install of Windows 7, and the install proceeded without a hangup [insert your look of surprise here].  I followed that up with an install of the regular Boot Camp drivers from Apple on my OS X CD (version 2.01) – you can also download them via a torrent – and then the Boot Camp x64 update from Apple (2.1).

After installing Boot Camp, what happened next completely blew my mind – EVERYTHING WORKED.  This was a great releif, since after every Vista x64 install I found my WiFi non-functional (had to download my own Atheros drivers) and the ATi graphics driver was sketchy (fixed with modtool).   In my opinion, Microsoft did a great job of playing nice with Apple drivers this time around – they even show a nice message in the event that a driver is unsupported as opposed to the blue screen common with Vista.

As far as first impressions, Windows 7 has simply just worked for me.  From the minimal amount of processes running to all of my hardware and software working without a hitch, Windows 7 is definately a pleasant surprise in the wake of Vista.

So, have you installed Windows 7 with Boot Camp?  If so, please share your experiences (good and bad).


Update: Some people seem to be having issues with drivers.  These are the two Boot Camp drivers that I always use – without issue:

Install First: Download and install BootCamp 2.01 (x64)
Install Second:  Download and install BootCamp 2.1 Update

132 Responses

date: May 6th, 2009

I installed windows 7 RC without a hitch by just popping the disk in while i was already running the original 7100 build. Everything went fine until i went to install boot camp from my macbook pro’s (unibody) install disk, i was greeted with a message saying that certain drivers were not compatible with this version of windows. needlessly i clicked the continue button, but it got stuck at the nvidia install spot, and i cancelled the install, it went back to the password screen, and when i entered my password and made it to the desktop i got a .dll error message.
Going to do a clean install and start over.

spoken by: John

date: May 6th, 2009

After reading over some of the forums it seems some people are having issues with the drivers. I always use these – which I mentioned in my post:

Download and install BootCamp 2.01
Download and install BootCamp 2.1 Update

The drivers from the torrent are installed first, and it works every time with x64 OS’s.

spoken by: tom

date: May 7th, 2009

I just used Boot Camp to dual boot with Windows 7 on my not unibody MBP. Windows 7 ran without a hitch… then about the third time i switched from the Windows partition to the Mac one, i was greeted with no use of the keyboard or mouse. internal and external. so i couldn’t log in to do anything in Leopard. i searched frantically for an answer, but got nothing.

Windows 7 still ran amazingly, however i couldn’t figure out my leopard dilemma.

i ended up booting from my Leopard install disc and going into disc utility and erasing/removing the partition all together… that did it, but no more RC of Windows 7.

I might try it again, but don’t really want to go through it all again, only to have the same problem.

spoken by: Tim

date: May 14th, 2009

i had the install on macbook pro 17, all is running perfectly except secundary trackpad click – the driver itself is installed in the normal way and has function, but i cannot say “use two fingers as sec. click” anywhere. Bootcamp tray is also not there(there you normally can swich this behavior).



spoken by: David

date: May 24th, 2009

I downloaded both of the Boot Camp drivers provided and everything works well on my Windows 7 x64 install. The volume and screen controls don’t work quite as well as on Vista, but they work. This fixed all my problems.

spoken by: Matisse

date: May 27th, 2009

I did get it all working as described but a couple things a forcing me back to osx and fusion.

There is no right click and I can’t find a way to enable it so it means the machine is useless without a usb mouse.
Two finger or gesture scrolling doesn’t work.

I did score a 5.3 rating in windows though :)

spoken by: Craig

date: May 27th, 2009

@Craig: If you install the Boot Camp drivers – especially the update for x64, scrolling and two finger right click (like in Vista/XP) works like a champ.

spoken by: tom

date: May 27th, 2009

@Tom: Yeah I think I did that. I have the 2.01 bootcamp folder – I opened the Apple folder and ran the x64 bootcamp installer, that all worked. I then downloaded the 2.1 update for x64 and ran that, worked and rebooted.

Do I manually need to update drivers or manually install anything else from that download? Does it add an control panel items. Under hardware in the CP I have some warnings.


spoken by: Craig

date: May 29th, 2009

I recently downloaded the Win7 RC (Build 7100 obviously) and I had been running Vista Business 64bit edition prior. I’m on a MacBook Pro, the generation directly prior to the new unibody ones, and I simply used the set.exe that came with the RAR file. I registered with the serial they gave me and after updating a few drivers I find that even though this is a release candidate, it feels more complete, stable, and overall friendly than the retail version of Vista I was running before. I really enjoy it.

I have yet to test my Steam games on it, though I think the results will be noteworthy.

…as an afterthought the only problem I have with the 7RC is it’s ridiculous footprint.

spoken by: Adam

date: May 30th, 2009

maybe someone here can help me. basically i cant boot into win 7 on my boot camp partition. it wont show up when i hold down the option key on startup

how i came to this was my internal dvd drive is broken. so after many days of messing around with it. i finally (accidently) tricked vmware fusion into thinking i had windows running in the partition. so i asked it to boot into it, it failed then asked to put in a cd. so i loaded the iso file, ran the installer (my HDD in all its glory showed up, not a virtual one) i installed it on the bootcamp partition (NTFS), installed the drivers from my leopard disc. it works fine in vmware. i can see the files under finder. i can select it as a startup disk under system preferences. but it wont boot, and i cant see it using option key start up. only the mac part.

so im thinking since i didnt use the proper boot camp assistant to actually install win 7 (dvd wont boot from external drive). maybe its missing some kind of EFI emulator or something preventing it from being bootable to me. any ideas for a fix?

spoken by: nebarik

date: July 5th, 2009

Hey all. I came across this tutorial, and I set out to try it, but I couldn’t get it working. Then I had the idea of posting a comment here. Could someone be so kind as to post a successfully patched Windows 7 7100 x64 ISO for Intel Macs on, for example RapidShare or my FTP server of which I’d email you the access info? It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

spoken by: Shiggity

date: July 7th, 2009

@nebarik In regards to an EFI “emulator” when I multiboot I use something called rEFIt, available at At first glance it appears to be a fancy boot loader, but it’s also an EFI tool. After you have that installed and you’re rebooted to the OS prompt, there should be a partition editor or something (I don’t remember what it’s called off the top of my head) and tell it to sync up, and then I believe on reboot you should be able to see both partitions. If not, then all I can suggest is to use Disk Utility when boote off of something other than your internal drive (in your case try cloning your existing OS X setup to an external drive and boot off of that) and “nuke” that partition, and use Boot Camp Assistant to start over.

I hope that helped,

spoken by: Shiggity

date: July 7th, 2009

BTW, I do realize that my response is about 2 months after yours, but here’s a screenshot of rEFIt:


spoken by: Shiggity

date: July 11th, 2009

The install worked beautifully, thanks to this article. Thank you.

spoken by: Andrei

date: August 11th, 2009

I now have Windows 7 Enterprise x64 RTM working nicely on a Macbook.

The important thing was Boot Camp 2.0.1 thanks for the pointer to this. It took some faffing about to find Boot Camp 2.0.1 and get it installed, and I can’t believe that neither Apple nor anyone else seems to have posted how to do this.

For those still struggling, here are a few tips:

Create a Windows partition
Just start the Boot Camp assistant and follow the instructions. If you’re just experimenting with Windows create a small partition of about 10GB, if you plan to use it for real work and you will install other apps alongside the OS you’ll probably need 50GB or more. Be prepared to lose a big chunk of your hard disk.

Install Windows 7 x64
Installing Windows 7 was a piece of cake, just follow the Boot Camp instructions, it really is that easy. Boot Camp doesn’t list Windows 7 x64 as supported, but then it doesn’t list Vista x64 as supported either. I suspect you could probably install anything in that partition if you wanted, probably even Windows 95 or a Linux variant, I’m not sure why you’d want to, but I suspect you could.

Stop here if you want to
Windows 7 now comes with almost everything you need to have your Macbook working straight away without needing Boot Camp: wireless, display adapter, onboard Ethernet and audio are all supported by built in Windows 7 drivers. However, there’s 2 essential (for me) things that aren’t – Right click with the Macbook trackpad (if you’re a long-term Windows or Unix user you feel lost without right click) and the onboard camera, So I think Boot Camp adds some value.

How hard can it be to install Boot Camp?
As stated earlier Boot Camp 2.0.1 is the secret to x64 Windows support, 2.0 doesn’t have x64 drivers. For those not familiar with Windows, x86 and x64 drivers are different beasts and while some x86 drivers will work under x64 Windows, not all will, if there’s a service involved (a background task or daemon in Mac OS), it won’t work.

The hardest part is finding Boot Camp 2.0.1
I have two copies of OS X:
10.5.2 that shipped with the Macbook
10.5.5 retail version that I bought to update my old PowerPC based desktop

The 10.5.2 contains BC 2.0.1 while the 10.5.5 contains BC 2.0, so my first mistake was to assume that the most recent version of OS X would have the most recent version of BC – wrong. If you don’t have BC 2.0.1, goodness knows where you’re supposed to get it from, there is no official download.

So, I inserted the OS X Install Disk (you’d expect it to be on the additional features disk wouldn’t you?) and allowed the installer to autorun. I then got a message saying that this software is not supported on this system. However, if you search the folder structure on the DVD, you will find a folder called x64 and under here a program called setupx64.exe. This is the version you need. Rather bizarrely, this is undocumented, there is no mention in the BC assistant under Mac OS X, no mention in the printed instructions, no mention in the readme files, nothing on Apple’s website. You get the feeling they don’t want you to do this, which begs the question – why did they create it? I think it’s cock-up rather than conspiracy, but it doesn’t make for a simple and easy experience.

Having found the x64 version, I ran the setup program, which, apart from a compatibility warning message from Windows 7 (which you can ignore) ran smoothly and installed all the updated drivers, and optional software to make the Macbook nicer to use under Windows.

After that I ran the Apple update software to update itself to version 2.1.1, this then prompted me to install iTunes and Safari 4, which I declined – In my experience iTunes on Windows is not good and I don’t need it anyway, and I’m not precious about web-browsers, IE will do for me and I don’t need a second one. Besides, my experience of Safari 4 on Mac OS X has been poor, so I doubt that it’s better on Windows.

Bingo, all the benefits of my Macbook and all the benefits of Windows x64 – best of both worlds.

spoken by: StuartP

date: September 27th, 2009

i’m getting embarassed looking at all your comments, seems like i’m the only person in the world stupid enough to not get win 7 working in my mbp……
I’ve downloaded from msdn the windows 7 x64 professional, then did all that stuff required to boot from the dvd without the select boot device message.
well, this was the easy part… as the setup starts, it doesn’t asks for partition and goes right to the regional options screen…. then it asks for me to insert the driver disk or an usb memory for some “drive driver”… as the keyboard eject key doesn’t work i inserted my flash drive with a boot camp copied from leopard dvd…then i ask browse, and pointed all the folders, one by one, and the only one that actually show some drivers is the intel\chipset folder…but of course that none of these drivers is the one required by the windows setup…. as the drivers in boot camp disk are all inside the .exe’s i just can’t point them….
i also tryed to point the windows\system32\drivers folder of my old XP installation, with no success…

I’m trying this in a 2007 macbookpro2,1, according to apple… it’s the first generation with core2duo, 2,33 ghz…

does anybody passed trough this too? or i’m the only noob that had this issue?? it’s relly frustrating, i’m almost returning to good old XP…
is there some place to download the boot camp drivers? not the .exe that come in the dvd, the driver itself?


spoken by: indianobaja

date: September 27th, 2009

ok, let me make one more question,
according to this:
i can’t install vista 64….so this means that win7 64 is not possible too??

spoken by: indianobaja

date: October 10th, 2009

Hi guys,
I am trying to install Windows 7 on my imac but it does show me the message ”
Select CD-ROM boot type : ….. ”

do u guys have any ideas ??

spoken by: Ruhul

date: November 11th, 2009

ruhul – follow the instructions from (as mentioned above).

spoken by: Nick

date: November 29th, 2009

Hello Guys,

Troubles for me to.

I’ve download Windows 7 64bits on M$ website. And simply burned it to a DVD with Toast. Ok : It doesn’t works.
That was before I found this article.

But my problem is : I don’t have Windows at All !

So, is there a way for me, on Os X to burn this DVD as a bootable device ?

Thanks for your help !

spoken by: Archos

date: December 5th, 2009

I downloaded the links provided in the article, and when I try to run the MSI file BootCamp64 I receive the message: ‘This program has known compatibility issues’, after I click Run Program, Windows Installer says, ‘This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor.’

My processor is intel(R) core(tm)2 duo cpu p8600 @ 2.4GHz, default processor on my 15″ MBP. What’s the deal?


after I click Run Program, it says, ‘This installatzion requires elevated privileges. Launch the installer through setup.exe.’ Then bootcamp installer quits. :(

What’s going on?

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date: March 5th, 2010

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