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Salon Twenty Two: Custom Content Managment


Salon Twenty Two came to us with a rat’s nest of amateur DreamWeaver code and needed search engine optimized code.

To combat their DreamWeaver attempts that were breaking the site, I created:

  • Custom Content Manager that allows full access to specified page sections with all the formatting goodies.
  • A Stylist view that allows the user to schedule an appointment with that stylist while viewing the profile.
  • Converted almost 200 lines of code into almost 50.
  • Small Flash section on the home page that is search friendly.

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Nov 6 2006


WellNow LLC, an offshoot of Model Consulting, which specializes in Health Management for medium to large organizations/businesses. I got involved with this project with Parkside Graphics.

The committee at WellNow required something conservative, yet competitive and compelling. As the sole developer and designer on this project, I delivered:

  • a conservative design that highlighted their brilliant and unique colors.
  • motion graphics in AfterEffects (built from scratch) for a visual and auditory introduction.
  • a story board and original artwork for introduction
  • music/soundtrack for the site
  • an edited and sampled soundtrack for timing with the storyboard
  • an AS2 site framework that had an automatic HTML mirror site.
  • a back door so that people coming off of a search result would go to exactly the content they clicked on from the search result.
  • a custom content management in Flex/AS3.
  • custom fullscreen flash in JavaScript

So just for a quick overview of the technologies used:

  • AfterEffects
  • Flash/AS2
  • Flex/AS3
  • JavaScript

The Result: The client loves it!!!! Especially the music ;)

The site is not **officially** launched yet, but it is viewable here.

Oct 31 2006

Ingersol Rand Flash Announcement


I had the opportunity to work with a marketing company on a project for one of their clients, Ingersol Rand…maybe you’ve heard of them….

The stipulation we received was this: low, low budget, less than a week of time. Personally, I think Ingersol Rand should’ve dropped some more coin and let make a huge production, but such is life. I had less than a week and several levels of execs at IR to get approval from. The theme of this piece was Evolution. It was for an upgraded air survey application that they were releasing.

In the end, I liked what the result was, especially considering the budget and time restraints I had. Furthermore, word from IR that is was a huge success and it even had some distribution as far as Japan.

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Oct 31 2006 (Version 1.0)

author: is a product line of Parkside Graphics. When I first started working with Parkside, consisted of silly navigation that didn’t work, and FormMail (that’s silly too). A quick and major overhaul was needed to start competing with national companies.


  • I developed a custom e-commerce site that forces certain information (necessary with realtors) and at the same time, allows freedom of choice.
  • Redesigned the brand of
  • Developed administration software to track orders, edit products, locations, customer information etc.
  • Considerable new design additions to product line.

Technologies used:

  • JavaScript

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NOTE: I am currently porting this shop into Flex. The new shop will be fully integrated with Parkside’s prepress (print ready file creation on the fly) and with Parkside’s job management database.

Oct 31 2006