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Colibraro Landscaping & Nursery


Colibraro Landscaping &, Nursery, an old Italian landscaping business, finally got a budget from Uncle Tony to build a Web presence. Their pride is their unique landscape design. As the sole developer and designer on this project here is what I accomplished:

  • Right from the start, I went unique for the design. (I stunned everyone at Parkside when they approved it…Parkside had even provided some “more approvable-is that a word?” samples as well.)
  • They didn’t have the budget for lots of motion graphics, but still wanted a little more than a static page. I utilized Flash in the header and photo galleries to give a more dynamic feel.
  • Their audience consists of landscapers. I assumed most landscapers aren’t incredibly computer savvy. I even went so far as to think that many may have dial-up…Uncle Tony did. So I created bandwidth sniffers and detectors, Flash detection, and alternate content for every possibility
  • I wanted to capture their elegance, so I created a home screen with soft fades and unique transitions.
  • To accommodate their wholesalers, I created a password secured wholesale section.

Wrapping up, technologies used:

  • Flash
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

The client was very pleased with the site. The well thought out design and implementation moved the client to request postcard and door hanger artwork.

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Oct 31 2006