Tom Lauck’s (Version 1.0)

author: is a product line of Parkside Graphics. When I first started working with Parkside, consisted of silly navigation that didn’t work, and FormMail (that’s silly too). A quick and major overhaul was needed to start competing with national companies.


  • I developed a custom e-commerce site that forces certain information (necessary with realtors) and at the same time, allows freedom of choice.
  • Redesigned the brand of
  • Developed administration software to track orders, edit products, locations, customer information etc.
  • Considerable new design additions to product line.

Technologies used:

  • JavaScript

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NOTE: I am currently porting this shop into Flex. The new shop will be fully integrated with Parkside’s prepress (print ready file creation on the fly) and with Parkside’s job management database.

Oct 31 2006