Tom Lauck’s

Desktop Application Style (Full Page Height) Fluid CSS Layout


For those of you who just want the source code, I’ll cut right to the chase. View the demo.

Now for the explanation.

For a recent project, the design spec dictated a fluid layout. Normally, this would be no problem, however, in this scenario there was a footer that always needed to be pinned to the bottom of the page content did not extend very far.

Rather than pinning the footer to the bottom of the page absolutely, I wanted to footer to scroll with the content when the content was long enough to create browser scrollbars. Rather than create JavaScript to position things onResize or scroll, I opted to create a 100% CSS/XHTML layout that accomplished exactly what I wanted.

Although the outcome is not as lean as I would like, but in the end it gets the job done well. What more can I really ask for?

Nov 3 2007