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WordPress on the iPhone – As Easy as Exchange


I’m sure I am but one many people testing out WordPress for iPhone right now. I just couldn’t resist.

So far it was been about two minutes since the app finished downoading. So it seems blogging may just be as easy as setting up exchange on the iPhone.


Jul 22 2008

The Futures is Here


Microsoft has released ASP.NET Futures. Although I loathe Microsoft as much as drinking warm milk on a hot day, I am quite pleased. Microsoft now gives us full access to WPF/WCF, great new AJAX functionality, and you know that web.sitemap file…well now you can provide it to Google or any other sitemap service without writing a single line of code.

There are some nice quick starts on the MS site. So what are you waiting for, go download Futures now!

Jul 14 2007