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Test Drive with Adobe’s PHP RIA SDK


A couple weeks ago, in response to a Flex tip I posted, Mike Potter from Adobe commented and left a link to his Google Group for the PHP RIA SDK. Having worked with Flex and AMFPHP, I found this SDK quite interesting. I noted that it had various basic/core examples that give a nice start when beginning your application. Included are examples using the Flex/AJAX Bridge, PHP/XML/Flex, AMFPHP, and (my new favorite) WebOrb.

It can be downloaded, here (2.5M zip).

Of course, you will probably end up making your *own* SDK, but I thought this was a good foundation, especially given the fact that it includes two different remoting options with sample services. From there, you can pretty much do anything. Additionally, now that Flex has been made available for Mac (Beta), workflows can become even quicker.

Nov 29 2006