Tom Lauck’s


WellNow LLC, an offshoot of Model Consulting, which specializes in Health Management for medium to large organizations/businesses. I got involved with this project with Parkside Graphics.

The committee at WellNow required something conservative, yet competitive and compelling. As the sole developer and designer on this project, I delivered:

  • a conservative design that highlighted their brilliant and unique colors.
  • motion graphics in AfterEffects (built from scratch) for a visual and auditory introduction.
  • a story board and original artwork for introduction
  • music/soundtrack for the site
  • an edited and sampled soundtrack for timing with the storyboard
  • an AS2 site framework that had an automatic HTML mirror site.
  • a back door so that people coming off of a search result would go to exactly the content they clicked on from the search result.
  • a custom content management in Flex/AS3.
  • custom fullscreen flash in JavaScript

So just for a quick overview of the technologies used:

  • AfterEffects
  • Flash/AS2
  • Flex/AS3
  • JavaScript

The Result: The client loves it!!!! Especially the music ;)

The site is not **officially** launched yet, but it is viewable here.

Oct 31 2006